Digital Commonwealth

Last year Eigg and Muck primary came together at the Glebe Barn  to celebrate The Commonwealth. While we were there we were taught to use digital technology and blogging about the week was one of our tasks. We entered a competition which was called the Digital Commonwealth who also funded our week.The people who organised…

We made some tunes for recorder and piano.

We made some tunes for recorder and piano. This is how my recorder tune goes. E G G F / F C B G / E G G D / E G G F / F C B G / E G G D It has 4 beats to a bar and repeats.

Christmas Play Fund Raising

We collected £26.73 for Ebola after the play. The people who came to the play donated the money for the Ebola fund.  In the play I was the clever dog.  Being the dog was goofy and I was happy because I got a real biscuit  from granny. The dog was the second main character in…


Bowls is a game that you play with another player. There are 9 balls, 4 largish balls that  are one colour and another 4 largish balls are a different colour, then the  jack is a ball about half the size. This is how you play… Player 1 throws the jack. Player 2 throws their first ball and tries to hit or get as close…


Today Breagha, Clyde and I Dylan made an animation called The Snail’s Tale which has 7 snails but only a baby and its mother survived!

School Tour

The school has 5 rooms, the class room, the nursery, the cloak room, the office and the learning centre. By Dylan