Today in gardening

My class and I went out to the school garden and we did some measuring. We measured the beds using tape measures and metre sticks. It was great fun and I think everybody enjoyed it as well as me. The reason we did this was so that we could make a scale drawing.

Hockey Is About

1 Defending 2 Tackling 3 Working as a team. We had two teams of five people.  You play the game with hockey sticks. For the practice game you’d use  plastic sticks but for the real game you’d use wooden sticks. Hockey can be very painful on your legs and hands but apart from that it…

The Animations that the class did together

This morning my class and I  all did some animations. The animator came in with all the equipment. We got split into two groups of three. It was Dylan, Clyde and me in one group. The name of our animation was The Snail’s Tale. We took a long time making it although it was good fun. Logan,…

Turks and Caicos

I chose the Turks and Caicos because the name of it sounds unusual and also the food there it looks delicious.

What we do in the playground

We go on the swings and we go on the climbing frame and we can go and play on the tyres and we can play with the stilts and hopscotch with the chalk and when we were in nursery we got to ride some trikes. It was really fun and that’s what we do in school and…