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Photo diary Commonwealth Week 2

Eigg & Muck Primary Schools Commonwealth Week Final Report

6th to 9th May 2014

The children of Eigg & Muck Primary Schools and Nurseries have been learning about the Commonwealth and Commonwealth Games, as preparation for the Games in Glasgow.

This took on different aspects; thanks to the support of Celebrate It National Lottery, who provided the funding for our joint Commonwealth Week and to Digital Commonwealth for providing the training that enabled the two schools to set up websites and learn to blog.

As we are on two small islands, part of the Small Isles off the west coast of Scotland. We identified 26 other islands or groups of small islands that were part of the Commonwealth. We shared these between us and researched them, to present fact files. We found key information, details of their participation in the Commonwealth Games and the sports they took part in.

The second part of our research was to learn about the athletes who take part, their challenges and goals. We used this to explore our own ambitions, short, medium and long-term and made posters setting out our ambitions and what we would need to do to achieve them.

Thirdly, we learned how to set up a website for each school and how to blog, so that we could communicate with other schools across the world. Our new websites and blogs can be seen on: and .

We are in the process of making links with other schools in the Commonwealth –in the Falklands, the Seychelles, St Helena and St Lucia so far.

As a grand finale to our studies, we planned a week together in a hostel on Eigg. We met together on Tuesday, exchanging batons with messages of goodwill, shared lots of sports, teambuilding and creative activities; and parted company on Friday. The culmination of the week was our International Evening, where invited guests were introduced to a display of what we had been learning, the launch of the websites, a film of the week and meal of a wide range of dishes from all over the Commonwealth, expertly prepared by our chef, from the recipes found by the children in their research.

We could not have achieved this exciting week without a lot of help from our friends.

  • Funding for the week from Celebrate it National Lottery.
  • Use of sports equipment and overall leading of sporting activities from Pam MacDonald of High Life Highland.
  • Digital Commonwealth for providing blog training through the help of Lucy Conway
  • Our guests of honour – Thomas and Albert, from St Lucia, who taught us Cricket and shared lots of information from St Lucia, not to mention tasty dishes and drinks for the International Evening.
  • Use of I-pads and editing of film from Alex Boden through I-Scape
  • Connor our chef, who had the difficult job of putting together a delicious meal from the wide variety of recipes handed over to him by the children.
  • Marie and Colin for providing minibus transport whenever we needed it.
  • Finally, my brilliant staff team, without whom, the week would not have been possible – on Eigg Lizzie, Sue and Frances; on Muck Julie B and Julie M.