Inti Wara Yassi – Eigg Primary’s chosen charity

Inti Wara Yassi is a group of people helping to release animals from captivity in Bolivia.  They provide enclosures for the animals to live in so that they can get proper vet treatment for any injuries they have. Inti Wara Yassi was started by a group of disadvantaged children and young people who let free…

Halloween on Eigg

At school for Halloween we made scary pizza, dunked for apples Maggie got her apple the fast, played monster bingo and ate alien jelly who Tatghan and Miss Carr made we also played with the puppets and made a small puppet show. I thought it was great fun! On Halloween I dressed up as the…

Halloween Guising

Clyde,Dylan,Maggie,Maisie,Tadghan,Freya and me and the parents all went guising. Clyde was a two-headed monster, Dylan was a Grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angle, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon, Freya was a witch and I was 1/3 of a ghost 1/3 of a zombie and  a 1/3 of a skeleton.   First everybody…

My Halloween Night

My favorite  bit of Halloween was trick or treating.  I was a ghost. I told a joke which was, why is 6 afraid of 7?  Because 7, 8, 9.  Me and my mum used a ripped bedsheet for my costume.  My mum was a witch and she used black eyeliner for her lipstick!


Breagha, Dylan, Maggie, Maisie, Tadghan, Fraya  and I all went guising around the houses and got lots of sweets. I dressed up as a two-headed monster, Breagha was one-third skeleton, one-third zombie and one-third ghost. Dylan was the grimreeper, Maggie was a deadly angel, Maisie was a ghost, Tadghan was a dragon and Fraya was…

Our Fair Trade Sale

On Monday 25th May we went to the pier with our games and Fair Trade items to sell in the waiting room.  Me and Maisie made a game where you have to guess the amount of money in a jar.  We made a giant Fair Trade Symbol, which took ages but turned out really well….

The Fair Trade Sale

Last week we had our Fair Trade Sale and served lots of people. It was really good fun and we raised £122.95, many people would but something and donate money.  All of the money raised is going to the Nepal Earthquake and Solar Aid.  I made the game called ‘Guess the Name of the Teddy…

Fair Trade Sale

Yesterday my school did a sale and we sold lots of food and toys.  We were doing this for Nepal Earthquakes and Solar Aid. We did this at the pier and it was great fun because we sold most things,  but the best bit was we raised £220.95 and the profit was £125.95. Lots of…

Fair Trade

Me and Catriona made a game.  We loved it.  My game was a guessing game.  We made lots of money for Nepal. .

Our Sale

We were at the pier yesterday to have our Fair Trade Sale.  It was lots of fun because we made lots of money.  I made a game and it was called guess how much money is in the jar. I enjoyed it.