Insects in Forest School

We went to Forest School and looked for insects with Norah. There were lots of Insects everywhere and everyone found different ones. I found baby Woodlice, Woodlice, Slugs, Beetles, Bits of Fungus, a flying bug, Spiders, Fly’s,¬†Weevils, some red fungous stuff, an Aphid, Millipedes, Midges, a Snail, a strange brown bug and a Wood/Paper bug….

Forest school with the muck kids

When we arrived at our Forest school we told the Muck children what the rules were. Then with our Muck walking partner we showed our partner around the Forest school Where there is a treehouse,a firecircle, two dens, one not yet finished,a playing tree, a mudslide and lots of our own trees and lots and…