Falkland Islands

I chose the Falklands beacuse they have penguins and penguins are my favourite animal and we have a connecton with the school.

Turks and Caicos

I chose the Turks and Caicos because the name of it sounds unusual and also the food there it looks delicious.


I chose the Maldives because I thought it had a cool name and because it’s only 1.5 metres above sea level!!!!  

Technology in the school

The school has five laptops, one desktop and one interactive whiteboard (which means that instead of using your fingers to do stuff you use a special pen). All of the technology in the school apart from the whiteboard is Windows/PC/DELL and are run by Fujitsu. All the computers have a facility on them called Websense…

School Tour

The school has 5 rooms, the class room, the nursery, the cloak room, the office and the learning centre. By Dylan